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Who dares win

Hi uolss.. meet me again.. hihihihihi .. I think that this entry going to be my last entry because I have publish all the entry that needed. huhuhu.. aww, don't be sad plishhhhhhhhh.. In this entry, I'm going to talk about the other fields that involve Tony Fernandes .. Its sound good for me and maybe for us to because it can make us to be more daring to venture into different field. Besides be a CEO in Air Asia, Tony Fernandes also own a F1 team. Most of Formula One fans know Tony Fernandes because of his position as a team principal of Lotus F1 team. Before this, his figure was virtually unknown until a few month ago, Malaysia-backed team announced its return to the Great Circus. 
"Air Asia Group CEO and Lotus Racing Team Principal Dato' Sri Dr. Tony Fernandes was today conferred the title of Officer of the Legion d'Honneur by the government of France for his outstanding contributions to the aviation industry. Mr Dominique Bussereau, Secretary of State for Transport of France, conferred the title on Tony in a ceremony held in Paris and attended by some of the biggest names in European business," said the press release (2010)" 
He love mixing with big names in business and recently held his old employer Branson to a bet to a dress up as a hostess for a day on the other's airline, depending on whose F1 team finished top. As for me that I believe he already achieve so much.. Here is a piece of word from Tony Fernandes..
" I have done what I want to do. If I got hit by a bus tomorrow, I have lived a great life. I am 49 and I dreamed about owning a football club and I am sitting here getting interviewed by a magazine for chartered accountants. Life doesn't get better that that. And at Loftus Road, where I watched Barry McGuigann and football on a plastic pitch as a young man. I own a F1 team, I build cars and I own an airline. It is a Roy of the Rovers story. You think this only happens in a comic strip."
Wow.. frankly speaking, I really love this quote. This is because its inspired me a lot you know. I have some pictures that supply by Google Image .. hiksss :*





* All pictures above (A-F) are about Formula One owned by Tony Fernandes


The only Malaysian on the list

The only Malaysia on the list??? What list??? Who??? hmmm *wondering.. Okay guys! I'm going to continue with the next entry and it is still about him, the founder of Air Asia.. ngehehe ..
oo yeah! thats me @>--- *rose for you

Well-known Malaysian entrepreneur, Tan Sri Dr. Tony Fernandes, the founder of Air Asia was awarded the top title at the first Malaysian Achievement Award at the prestigious Double Tree by Hilton, along Jalan Ampang at Kuala Lumpur. This award is very suitable for him because of his efforts in flying the Malaysian entrepreneurial spirit on both local and global fronts. wahhh.. I feel so motivated to study hard, so I can be like him.. huwaaaa.. Do you know that few years ago, he started his humble business airline company with just two planes but now, he manage to prove that he can bring honor to Malaysia. He has created the ultimate people's company with billions of dollars in revenue and hundreds of million in operating income. Tell me people, how many companies could achieve such incredible margins? Just run 100 aircrafts with over 300 takeoff and landing a day yet still make this much money. It's a rare commodity by any rubric. The next ten year, his name is on the list of recognizes leaders in politics and business who exemplify the success of Asia today and leadership tomorrow. This program initiated by the Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA) in collaboration with AXN Asia Rising Leaders. For more info, do visit the blog for more details. cewahhh.. ahaks .. and guys! here is a sort of video. A video that can motivate us in the true world.. lets play the video. jeng jeng jeng .. 


I'm refer to :

Skills and traits of Tony Fernandes

Ehem ehemmm.. I don't know how to start this entry since i can't find any pictures that are related to my topic for this entry.. Pity of me :'( HOHO XD
Never mind. I still have some more spirit for me to publish this post. What? You want to know what is my topic is all about? Too much nagging? haha. Okay~ okay~
Lets proceed..
Actually, it is not easy for us to be like Siti Nur Haliza, Shah Rukh Khan, Steven Chow what more to be like Tan Sri Dato' Tony Fernandes. hehehe .. So guys, here are some skills and traits of Tony Fernandes that I want to share with all of you..
Today, he has fulfilled all three of his childhood dreams. What is his three childhood dream? Wanna know? Alright~ I will tell ya.. The three big dreams that he has achieve is running an airline, owning an English Football Club and the last one owning Formula One racing team. Big enough right? hihihi .. Bare in mind that this is not about all his dream but it is about his courage to pursue his dreams. Lets take Air Asia as example. Despite having no prior experience in the airlines industry, but he still went ahead to acquire an airline. One of the traits that he has is high confidence level where I believe that it is very important in order to lead us to succeed. It is because, high confidence level can make us look more matured and intelligent. Second skills is done thing in his ways which mean, he always do whatever he believe he can no matter in what way. Be a good entrepreneur also need to have high leadership level. This is because we can maintain our organization and the relationship among the workers. But, be like Tony Fernandes, he is the boss and he also the teammate. Next is not afraid of taking risk and always be the first one to try new things. This two things can be illustrate by many examples and one of it is he dare to take over a company that are heavily in debt. This two things is one of the factors that contribute to his achievement today. The other skills and traits that he has that contribute to his achievement today is he full of passion and charisma. Last but not least is he always believe that marketing is in his blood since his mother also ran successful direct-selling which known as Tupperware.


Friday, 18 October 2013

Let the pictures speak !

u la la la ..
De stewardess of Air Asia. They are wearing white and red color. Pretty enough.

Lets fly with Air Asia !

Go anywhere you want - Thai Air Asia Airbus A320 HS-ABG

One of the ways Air Asia promoting their name- promoting their name in London

Yeah! fly we fly- to launch Air Asia X (UK-Malaysia flight)

Landing time

 So patriotism :D  i loike .. It also can make Malaysia known all around the world

Air Asia big sale make us want to book some $17 flights (big airfare sale)

Asian low-cost airline take millions to fly

Staff of Air Asia

Comfortable seat for passengers so they will not feel fatigue

Wow! le master

The arrangement and combination of the color make Air Asia look more exclusive (economic class)

Going higher and higher (Air Asia X Airbus)

Way they treat the passengers

The passengers 

Let's fly

Blue sky
Too far away
(Air Asia- Walk in interview 9 Disember)

Get ready!

# All of the picture was supply by Google Images ..

History of the Air Asia

One of the Air Asia plane

Do you know what in the picture above? Oh, it is a butterfly!!
No! it is a grasshopper!! H E L L O ~ Where are you comes from! It is an airplane! But, it's okay.. What ever you guys call it, it is still AIRPLANE which was introduce by Air Asia. Do you guys know what is Air Asia is all about? What!?? Lucky God., you guys know it. fuhhh.. But then, let me to introduce and explain more about Air Asia.. Just to make you guys crystal clear about the history of Air Asia. hehehe
Okay, I would like to say here that, Air Asia is not a simply born kitten. It is a big company that was born from the hands and mind from someone that has lofty ambition. YES! you are true! Tony Fernandes is the one that introduce Air Asia to the world. :D

CEO of Air Asia

During conference of Air Asia

Whhattt!? Want some more picture? Its a big no :p Buttt, don't have to worry.. After this precious entry, I will show you the other interesting pictures that can make you guys melting. uuUUUuuu ;*
Dear my lovely, beautiful and handsome reader.. Allow me to focus to my real intention.. cewahh..
okayy okayy
Actually, Air Asia is a Asia's leading company that was established with the dream of making flying possible for everyone. Air Asia was establish in 1993 and began operations in 1996. For the previous time, this company initially own by government which is DRB-HICOM. Do you guys know what is DRB-HICOM? click >> here <<  for the future detail .. hew hew hew
But, in 2001, this company is burned with so much debt and due to this problem, Tony Fernandes has taken over through his company which is Tune Air Sdn Bhd. So sad right? But luckily there is Tony Fernandes come and be the hero by save the company and combine with his own company. fuhh..
In 2001, Tony Fernandes start launch this company where known as Air Asia. Compatible with the big company, this company also has big vision where they wish to be a largest low cost airline in Asia and also serve three million people who are undeserved with poor connectivity and high fares. *three million is a big number for me.. How about you? hahaha :p
Here are the mission of this company..
1) To be the best company to work whereby employees are treated as a part of big family
2) Create a globally recognize ASEAN brand
3) To attain the lowest cost so that everyone can fly with Air Asia
4) Maintain the highest quality product, embracing technology to reduce cost and enhance service levels

Although Air Asia has help people a lot, but they still value their customer. Why I said so? hmm hmm.. Do you know why? Okay Okay.. I tell ya why ..
First, because they practice safety environment. They adopting zero tolerance to unsafe practices and strive for zero accidents through proper training, work practices, risk management and also adherence to safety regulations all the time. Second, they valuing the people through committing the people's development well being and treat them with respect, dignity and fairness. Fair enough right? : p I think that's all for this entry. Will miss you guys! :*


Monday, 7 October 2013

Let's watch !!

Before enter the next entry, here is a sort of video by a chinese that choose Air Asia as his transport from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching.

This video is about a simple review about his journey from KL to Kuching. Perhaps, this video also want to promote Air Asia for the people out there since Air Asia can give 10 benefit that the others can't. So, let's choose Air Asia now!! hikhiks


Sunday, 29 September 2013

Welcome to the world of Anthony Francis Fernandes

To be successful, there are two things that we should know which are set one big goal and achieve with courage. This advice comes from a very successful entrepreneur which is Paul Getty, the oil tycoon that start his business from the bottom. But here, we don't want to talk about him. So, let's change the channel to our renowned Malaysian entrepreneur which is Tan Sri Tony Fernandes. Do you guys know him? What!?? You can't recognize who is he? okay okay. Let's take a picture of him, so that you will get a clue about him. zzAAsss..
handsome, right? :D

Now, I would like to review a little bit about him. Dato' Tony Francis Fernandes is born on April 30, 1964. Dato' Tony Fernandes is a part of Goan which from his father and Malaccan Portuguese-Eurasian blood that comes from his mother. He is the son of late Dr. Stephen Edward Fernandes and Ena Dorothy Fernandes. He began to gain knowlegde at Alice Smith Kuala Lumpur and after that further his study at Epsom College, UK (1977-1983) and lastly graduate from the London School of Economic in 1987. He worked very briefly with Virgin Atlantic as an auditor and subsequently becoming the financial controller for Richard Branson's Virgin Records in London from 1987 to 1989. He also admits that he as member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) in 2008. During his golden age, he has been awarded as the Inaugural 'Travel Business Leader Award' by CNBC. The other awards include the Honor of the Commander of the Order of the British Empire, conferred by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 2011 for services to promote commercial and educational links between the UK and Malaysia. Besides, in 2010, the French government had conferred on a non-French national. But guys, for me, what is the most interesting part about Dato' Tony is his involvement as the prime mover in establishment and operation of Air Asia, the most successful budget airline in Asia. 

click here for more info!   :D